12 from ’13

Here are a dozen of my favorite pieces I wrote this year:

Alt-Labor, The American Prospect, February 2013 issue

Starbucks Tycoon Bullies Baristas, The Nation, February 18 issue

Guest Workers as Bellwether, Dissent, Spring issue

Will Immigration Reform Protect Workers?, Reuters, July 17

How Wal-Mart Keeps Wages Low, The Washington Post, September 12

I worked all week for free?!: The horrifying, true story of $0 paychecks, Salon, September 27

Inside the mind of angry GOP: Rep. John Culberson talks to Salon, Salon, October 2

A Reboot for the AFL-CIO?, The Nation, October 14 issue

Sorry, Frank Bruni: Liz Cheney is no worse than Congress Salon, November 21

Massive Black Friday strike and arrests planned, as workers defy Wal-Mart, Salon, November 29

Biggest ever fast food strike today, Salon, December 5

Exclusive: Chris Hayes attends secret union meeting with unhappy NBC workers, Salon, December 12

Here are some favorites from 2012 and 2011. Thanks for reading. Happy holidays!


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