I’m on vacation this week.  Here are five pieces I’m proud of that I wrote in 2011:

What Could a Telecom Merger Mean for Economic Democracy: How the debate over an AT&T-T Mobile merger revealed a tension between anti-monopolism and industrial power

Strike, Interrupted: How Verizon has been winning the war to keep union members a shrinking minority among their co-workers

Ambisextrous: On coming out as bisexual, and what took me so long

Conflicting Dreams: The Strikes That Made Boeing a National Flashpoint: A profile of the strikes and strikers behind the NLRB case of the century.

Fighting Privatization, Occupy Activists at CUNY and UC Kick Into High Gear: How does confronting police violence and publicly-appointed privatizers shape students’ view of the state?

Thanks for reading, and for all the generosity, advice, and support this year.  Happy Holidays.


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