As has become tradition here, I’m linking below to one post from each month of 2006. And by unpopular request, I’ve also picked a post from each month of 2003 that posting took place. And by nobody’s request at all, I’m pasting the ’04 and ’05 picks in the middle too.

Zach, Ana, Dad, et al: Thanks for reading.

January 2003: The Right to Run
June 2003: Agape
July 2003: The Trial of Christopher Hitchens
August 2003: Auth-orial Intent
September 2003: American Labor Goes to Yale
October 2003: No Guardrails?
November 2003: Jews for Justice
December 2003: Leering at the Left

January 2004: Dean, Clinton, and Healthcare
February 2004: Nader and the Democrats
March 2004: Barack Obama and the Future of Environmentalism
April 2004: The March for Women’s Lives
May 2004: Where’s John Kerry When You Need Him?
June 2004: Disenfranchised Voters
July 2004: The NLRB Turns on Graduate Students
August 2004: Anarchists in the Times
September 2004: The First Debate
October 2004: What’s the Word?
November 2004:An Election We Should Have Won
December 2004: The Speech We Deserve From the Democrats

January 2005: Run Russ Run
February 2005: Why We Sat In
March 2005: Taking Blacks for Granted
April 2005: Neo-Confederate Nostalgia
May 2005: The Change to Win Agenda
June 2005: Defending Durbin
July 2005: The Lochner Litmus Test
August 2005: Populism is Not Prejudice
September 2005:Career Path to Motherhood?
October 2005: Rosa Parks, Misremembered
November 2005: Good Labor News
December 2005: Democracy in Latin America

January 2006: Abramoff Pleads Guilty
February 2006: Not a Good Week For Justice
March 2006: Brokeback Backlash
April 2006: Living on the Wedge
May 2006: Deep Freeze
June 2006: Anybody Can Serve
July 2006: Bill Frist: Nader-Lite?
August 2006: Fair Point
September 2006: More Than One Way (As Bill Frist Would Say) To Skin a Cat
October 2006: Sam Brownback, Call Your Publicist
November 2006: Family Matters
December 2006: Stop Stepping On My Breakthrough

Happy New Year.


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