Over at the Corner, Mark Steyn links the story of one (yes, one) protester yelling “slaughter the Jews” at Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister and smirks

But don’t worry. I’m sure it’s only “anti-Zionist.”

Besides humor (failed), what is Steyn’s point here? Maybe the “slaughter” guy can’t distinguish between the country Israel and the Jewish people. I can. Most Jews can, including the ones who live in Israel. Can Mark Steyn? (More in this vein here)

Meanwhile, Steyn’s corner colleague John Derbyshire (the Marty Peretz of the National Review is defending Tom Tancredo’s call for literacy tests at the polls. But don’t worry. I’m sure it’s only “literacy supremacism.”


From Ruth

Hey kids, I’m Ruth. I have never blogged before so I hope I can live up to the high standards that have been set here (liberal use of blockquotes, witty repartee). I’m a poli sci and international development studies junior at Mcgill, and I like ethnic violence, Quebec student politics, American foreign policy, gender norms and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Or, uh, I like discussing these things. Either way really.

To start off the fun I though I would note profoundly embarassing, moderately hilarious Ha’aretz news for anyone who has ever identified as a socialist Zionist, specifically me. Check it:

Americans will soon be able to support Israel and earn points toward their next vacation here with every swipe of their credit card…

“People want to feel a connection to Israel, so why not provide an option for them to feel pride about the Zionist dream with every dollar they spend,” Zev Dobuler, co-president of Heritage Affinity Services (HAS), said this week in a telephone interview from his New York office, where he has recently relocated since launching the project.

Ahad Ha’am wrote that if the Jews all reach the promised land but fail to achieve there a more just society, they’re still exile. I guess he didn’t know how much pride re: the Zionist dream a USD credit card could bring. You know, imported hummus: $5. Israeli and US flags lapel pin: $0.50. Weeklong Israel solidarity trip paid for with solidarity Visa points, soothing away Zionist guilt: priceless.