Connecticut Governor John Rowland today delivered his first public address since admitting his role in scandals which, while not as crimminal, as scandalous, or as cruel as the state budget which he passed, are illegal. Unsurprisingly, he claims he plans to finish his term in office – this is, after all, the same John Rowland who ran for re-election last November as the only Governor ever to be fined for ethics violations. But as the Times reports:

A University of Connecticut poll released this week showed that 55 percent of Connecticut residents thought the governor should resign. Four newspapers called for him to step aside and some lawmakers have even talked about the possibility of impeachment.

Should Rowland’s term end in 2006 as planned or much earlier than that, New Haven Mayor John DeStefano has been increasingly public of late about his plans to run to replace him. If DeStefano finished his sixth term as New Haven mayor, the buzz is that city Chief Administrative Officer Karen DuBois-Walton or Economic Development Minister Henry Fernandez would have the best shot at DeStefano’s job. Under city law, if DeStefano left mid-term, his job would go to the President of the Board of Aldermen. Ward Five Alderman Jorge Perez, whose relationship with the Mayor’s office has been mixed over the past years, is expected to be re-elected to that post in Janurary.