12 From ’18

Here are a dozen favorite things I got to write in 2018:

Au Pair Class Action Could Upend Decades-Old Program

West Virginia Teachers Didn’t Want to Strike. Now They Won’t Stop

Trump Labor Board Scrambles to Avoid Pro-Worker Ruling, Lawyers Claim

The Newest Weapons Against Unions Are Employees

Tesla Workers Claim Racial Bias and Abuse at Electric Car Factory

These U.S. Workers Are Being Paid Like It’s the 1980s

Prime Day – Ramadan Conflict Spurs Rare Amazon Worker Agitation

How Tesla’s Model 3 Became Elon Musk’s Version of Hell

Inside Google’s Shadow Workforce

Gig Firms Ask California Dems to Rescue Them From Court Ruling

Microsoft Bug Testers Unionized. Then They Were Dismissed

Tesla HR Chief Suggested Promoting UAW Advocates to Safety Jobs


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