12 From ’16

Here are a dozen favorite things I wrote this year:

Don’t take my stuff, bro, January 2016

The Walmart case that could expand gay rights at work, February 2016

How Amazon shames warehouse workers for alleged theft, March 2016

How a $15 minimum wage went from fringe to mainstream, March 2016

T-Mobile accused of fighting a real union by creating a fake one, April 2016

Can graduate students unionize? The government can’t decide, May 2016

California’s weird Senate race has Republicans rooting for a Democrat, June 2016

Labor makes Clinton’s case to rust belt whites curious about Trump, July 2016

2016 is the best and worst year to be Jill Stein, August 2016

Black Lives Matter leader says even great people can be part of the problem, August 2016 (cover story)

Uber found an unlikely friend in organized labor, October 2016

How couples do money, December 2016


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