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  1. Josh;
    You need to look into the way Lockheed is treating its employees at the Fort Worth Plant.
    I fell on the ice on February
    O4-2011. I was a Supervisor for the production Control Dept. On the flight over the2nd Shift and 3rd.. it had come a snow and ice storm during those days and I went to work every day of it until I fell walking to the
    Building that containe the restrooms and the gate to the underground tunnel to the parking lot. I had made sure all of the people that was at work that day and night were taken to the gate. When it was time for me to leave I had to walk as all the scooters and vehicles were gone already. I walked and made it half way to Yeh building when my feet flew out from under me and I hit the ground flat of my back and shoulders . It felt like a ball of fire went through me and the area of my chest was on fire. I heard my ribs break and I turned over on my stomach when I hit I bounced.
    I could not get up a fellow employee saw me and came over to ask if I was ok. I was not and he called security. When security arrived he called the fire department EMT they took me to the gate transferred me to Vivian ambulance . I. Was taken to Emergency room for treatment. To make long story short
    I was treated and turned out after 4 shots of pain shots. I was doped up so I couldn’t stand up and sick at my stomach vomiting and one of my fellow employees called to check on me and came got me and took me to his home where him and his wife looked after Mr oft 24 hours. On the following Tuesday I went back to work for a half day . I worked four hours a day until July Fifth. I then came back full time still seeing the cat was in the company network.
    On September the upper Mgt. Picked me for layoff. I was taken to the labor relations partner and given layoff notice until I said I have time to go back to hourly. It was very plain that it was retaliation and discrimination as they way we were picked. My manager did everything he could to keep me. I continued to work as a Supervisor until January 03, 2012. At which time I was placed on first shifty will and at which time I was still going off site to therapy ans wasissing up to Fourteen hours a week with out pay.
    It continued this way until I went out farch and then sry on April 1th,2012 . This was three days before the strike that lasted ten weeks.
    When the employees that were represented by the IAM went back in to work that July Morning they were greeted with retaliation rules and we’re bei hreatened to be walked out which in the following days and weeks have been for chewing gum – talking on the telephone going to the rest room without permission. Such things as that. They were being ny HR people on the floor more
    I was still out on medical leave until s August 20th. Then the Doctor get that I could go back yo work under restrictions that I had worked under gor over a year. The company
    Infer direction of Supervisor and HR TURNED DOWN AND KEPT OUT. GOING BACK IN TIME THE COMPANY WAS SAYING THAT MY INJURIES WERE PRE EXISTING WHEN THE TREATING Dr. Wanted to send me to a neck specialist and shoulder specialist in October of 2011. The work comp adjuster denied it so the surgeries done were by my insurance. There fore I was paid temporary disability instead of work comp pay which is about five hundred a week less. I am still of as the company telling me I needed to get the codes or restrictions lifted on my shoulder then the refused because my back has restrictions on it. I was working before with all these codes on me and was doing my job. Josh there are more people than me in this condition. The union can’t seem to do anything about this embarrassing treatment and discrimination I am commuting to you to investigate and get the word out to the right people and the congress and senators will see what kind of conditions has been created. Please talk to some of the other people in our union and see that I am telling it like it I’d. If you want to talke
    With me just feel free to call Mr at 817-992-6015
    Don Drain.

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