Walmart Ex-Employee Was Handcuffed in Front of Workers

At The Nation:

A former Walmart employee was handcuffed Wednesday when he visited his old store to talk to workers about next week’s “Black Friday” strike. Alex Rivera, who was fired in September, told The Nation that Walmart management intentionally misled Orlando police, leading them to detain him for twenty minutes in the store. The incident was denounced by the union-backed workers’ group OUR Walmart, which alleges that Walmart has been breaking the law to keep its workers in line.

“It was really humiliating,” said Rivera. “Because who would expect being handcuffed in front of a lot of [workers] and customers? Customers that pretty much know you, because you worked for the company for three years.” Rivera predicted that seeing him handcuffed will make some of his co-workers more hesitant to get involved with OUR Walmart: “They’re going to say, ‘If I join the organization and do something like that, this is what’s going to happen to me.’ ”

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One thought on “Walmart Ex-Employee Was Handcuffed in Front of Workers

  1. The handcuff incident seems to be typical. My grandson was drilled for a lenthly time to admit to something he did not do. He was not allowed to contact his parents. They tried to charge him and sentence him to three years but they were defeated. They need to be stopped. To even win or partially win over those crooks is still costly and so many never fight it. I will supply his parents name and Attorney if it would be material towards any lawsuit. They need to be unionized and they need to be prosecuted. My Son-in Law is still crippled from a defective tree deer stand that broke and yes, you guessed it, they won because the lawyer conveniently missed a deadline. Press on and stop those jerks.

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