On Your Call: Elections, Alternative Labor Organizing

I was on San Francisco’s KALW radio on Tuesday night, discussing the incoming election results, and on Thursday, discussing non-traditional labor organizing at Walmart and elsewhere. Thursday’s segment is online here.

One thought on “On Your Call: Elections, Alternative Labor Organizing

  1. Hi Josh, Your comment link didn’t work here at the Gates of hell, ie hotmail. Thanks for your labor reporting. No one else is writing from where you are. But how does one go from Eli to CIO? I went from HLS to CWA and AFT. The AFT gig was with Portland Community College Faculty Federation. We won a great contarct (particularly for historically underpaid adjunct instructors, and then worked with students and staff throughout OR to successfully lobby for a long awaited Community College funding increase that was initially going down because of a looming budget crisis that did hit in 2000. The govenor cited our efforts in his signing speech. Sometime I’d like you to meet some classmates from HLS circa 1984. Very progressive and involved in NYC. I’m in the SF area now. Polymorphously perverse by the bay. Peace Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2012 19:10:23 +0000 To: dreamjoehill@hotmail.com

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