At In These Times Tuesday:

MILWAUKEE- With most polls showing Democratic challenger Tom Barrett a few points behind Governor Scott Walker, Barrett’s backers are counting on outstanding turnout to secure an upset in today’s election. Several statewide organizations are deploying paid and unpaid canvassers in hopes that Walker’s opponents, who last year out-mobilized his supporters 100 to 1 at the capitol in Madison, can bring him down at the ballot box. During the past week, I followed canvassers from four groups – Working America, We Are Wisconsin, the Wisconsin AFL-CIO, and Organizing for America – in and around Milwaukee, the largest population center in the state.

“If Milwaukee comes alive,” Rev. Jesse Jackson told reporters before a GOTV rally last night, “Milwaukee is twice the population size of Madison. Madison’s come alive, as we’ve seen in the last several months. But if Milwaukee and Madison share a common interest…we can win this election.”

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