Today’s the big day in Wisconsin’s recall elections. I had a piece published yesterday in the American Prospect on how these six races will test the efficacy of populist appeals from the left in red districts:

Democracy for America spokesperson Levana Layendecker credits the Tea Party’s ascendance to “a populist message” about “government bought out by corporate interests—and I agree with them.” She and other activists expressed excitement about the chance to take a clear, class-conscious message to voters in red districts and to send a message not just to austerity-happy Republicans but to national Democrats as well. “If we can pull this off,” says Democracy Addicts’ Ed Knutson, “we have a blueprint that can be adapted to other situations.”

Check it out – as well as this great resource from the Prospect. I also covered the shift in energy from protests to recalls for Alternet last month. And if you’re in Wisconsin, go vote!


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