I have a piece up at Alternet reporting on the Connecticut’s historic new paid sick leave legislation and how activists from Philly to Seattle are working to make their cities follow suit. The piece also gives you a taste of what one major opponent of the bill believes about service workers:

Kia Murrell, who lobbied against paid sick leave for years for the Connecticut Business and Industry Alliance, claimed the bill will lead to lost jobs, worsened benefits and workers replaced by machines. She said businesses don’t offer paid sick days “because they can’t afford it,” and that if service workers working sick were a real threat to public health, “we would all be sick all the time.” Murrell suggested workers really come to work sick because they’re saving their sick days “for pleasure.” She also faulted workers for being too quick to call in sick: “A high-powered executive, if they get a cold, is more likely to tough it out.”

Check it out.

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