My new piece debunking right-wing rhetoric about the NLRB’s Boeing complaint is up on Counterpunch and Common Dreams:

During the Bush years, many progressives gave up hope that the government could really make companies pay when they broke the law. Now a big company may have to pay a big price for illegally punishing workers. Last month the National Labor Relations Board, the federal body that enforces labor law, issued a complaint charging that Boeing illegally transferred the production of a line of aircraft out of Washington State. Boeing is accused of transferring the production to punish the workers there for going on strike. Punishing workers for union activity is retaliation, and it’s illegal. If Boeing is found guilty, it could be made to transfer the whole production line back. Naturally, the prospect of the Labor Board seriously enforcing labor law has Republicans freaking out…

Right-wingers are rising to defend Boeing, bash the NLRB, and blame Obama. But rather than debate retaliation against workers, conservatives want to conjure phantom menaces: bureaucrats micro-managing production, Democrats punishing “Right to Work” states, and union bosses paralyzing job creators.

Check it out.

Update (5/29): It’s now up on Talking Union and ZNet too.



  1. Since you claim Boeing is “transferring” these jobs to SC, you can give numbers on current union employees who will lose their jobs due to this transfer? Isn’t it true that Boeing ADDED jobs to the Washington plant? How is opening a new line and keeping all current employees on the job punishing those employees?

  2. Boeing is sending jobs expected to be created in Washington to South Carolina instead. Investing further in a different location rather than the Puget Sound one reduces job opportunities and job security for the Puget Sound workers. Doing it while saying it’s not because of wages but because of the strikes in Puget Sound sends a message they’re being punished. Check out the newspaper quotes from management in the articles cited in the complaint.

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