That last post generated an unusual number of comments here and some other spots it was posted. Wanted to highlight a few interesting ones.

Andrew Grant cites his nephew’s experience in a comment on the PsySR blog:

If it were not for some of the assistance he received from his school teachers throughout the years he probably wouldn’t be in the position that he is in right now. Did I mention he went to all public schools, and currently attends Woodside High School in Mountain View, the same high school Guggenheim derided in his film?

Robert D. Skeels questions the record of the Green Dot charters:

Nothing was more clear to demonstrate how powerless AMU was than when Marco Petruzzi made the fiat declaration that Green Dot was closing down Animo Justice HS. Teacher Judy Riemenschneider mentioned AMU’s thin contract when she said “The ultimatum is at odds with Green Dot’s principles, which call for teacher input into critical decisions.”

anastasiap on DailyKos asks

Did the film happen to mention how outrageously expensive Geoffrey Canada’s Harlem Children’s zone is per cihild and that because of that, it would be impossible to duplicate repeatedly without commitment of — lots more funding?

Teacher joanbrooker wrote

Most of the people I work with and have worked with are dedicated to the profession, despite being pilloried, underpaid, overworked, and…well the list goes on. Easy to blame us, more difficult to take a hard look at our nation’s current priorities as demonstrated daily by stupid, bigoted, and self-serving elected officials. Politicians would much rather wage wars against terror, then wage them against poverty, hunger, and inadequate health care, which none of our children should have to suffer from, and which do contribute to qualitative teaching and the ability to learn.



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