Here (from my Twitter feed) are some things I predict will happen in 2011. Some I’m more confident about than others. I’m listing them in order from the best news to the worst news:

– Governors Rick Scott and Paul LePage will both become very unpopular.

– GOP House, GOP presidential race lead to all-too-small decrease in John McCain bookings on Meet the Press.

– Michael Steele will lose very badly in RNC re-election bid and then start saying things even more embarrassing for GOP.

– Journalists will debate ethics of letting Sarah Palin conduct interviews by e-mail.

– No federal or statewide officeholder will challenge Obama in Dem primary.

– Glenn Beck will lose a chunk of supporters over strident criticism of GOP congressional leadership.

– Mike Pence will run for Governor of Indiana.

– John Ensign will bow to GOP pressure and drop his re-election bid.

– Senate Dems make modest change to filibuster; GOPers call it “power grab,” say Dems “poisoned the well” for 112th Congress.

– Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer will feud over Pelosi’s opposition to Obama’s social security cuts.

– Sarah Palin will dominate media for month w/ conflicting tea leaves on whether she’s running for Prez; ultimately won’t.

– Cuts in 2011 budget deal cancel out any economic stimulus from 2010 tax cut/ unemployment deal.

Which of these do you think are wrong? (Many I hope are…)


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