Resurrecting an old tradition, here’s a post from each month of 2009, followed by those months in ’08 and ’07 when I posted:

December 2009: Give Me Bipartisanship Or Give Me Death
November 2009: History: Not Over Yet
October 2009: This Intrigued Me Enough to Transcribe It
September 2009: Tzom Kal (An Easy Fast)
August 2009: 30 Rock, Race, and Current Events
July 2009: 30 Rock’s Racial Humor: Not So Hot
June 2009: This Annoyed Me Enough to Transcribe It
May 2009: Reactionaries Retrench: Homosexuality Shouldn’t Disqualify You From Judging, Just From Marrying
April 2009: House of Rock
March 2009: Twitter Textual Analysis
February 2009: Majority Ain’t What It Used to Be
January 2009: I Dream of Nicholas Kristof

December 2008: Fighting Words (As Framed By Your Liberal Media Edition)
November 2008:
A Lot Can Happen in Four Years
October 2008: If By “Carefree” You Mean Heterosexual
September 2008: Culture of Life/Choice
August 2008: Wife Swap Conservatism
July 2008: A Campaign About Change Versus a Campaign About McCain
June 2008: Breaking: Barack Tries to Reconcile Hope, Policy Differences With Opponent
May 2008: Fun WIth Collective Bargaining
March 2008: No Surprises Here
February 2008: Fighting Words (FISA Edition)
January 2008: Sympathy for the Satyr?

December 2007: The Meaning of the Word “Criminal”
November 2007: Meta Is As Meta Does
October 2007: Stand By Me
September 2007: Whiter American Natalism? (Or “David Brooks’ White Fertility”)
July 2007: World’s Shortest Political Quiz
June 2007: Put Down the Female Candidate And Nobody Gets Hurt
May 2007: Mother’s Day
April 2007: Politicize Away
March 2007: Nice Work If You Can Get It
February 2007: They Don’t Do That, Do They?
January 2007: The McCain Strategy

For Dad, posts from each month of 2003-2006 are here.


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