Chris Hayes: “If “pragmatic” is the highest praise one can offer in DC these days, “ideological” is perhaps the sharpest slur. And it is by this twisted logic that the crimes of the Bush cabinet are laid at the feet of the blogosphere, that the sins of Paul Wolfowitz end up draped upon the slender shoulders of Dennis Kucinich. But privileging pragmatism over ideology, while perhaps understandable in the wake of the Bush years, misses the point.”

Ezra Klein: “But now, suddenly, we’re seeing a resurgence of Republican deficit hawks. Attention to deficits constrains the spending, and thus the ambitions, of those in power. Liberals are now in power. Deficits are back.”

Matt Yglesias: “As I’ve said before, it’s no coincidence that this turn coincides with an anti-Gladwell backlash.”


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