Given the accolades I get my from my Dad for the general lack of profanity on my blog, I was curious to see how LWB would fare on the “film rating” site that been making its way around the internets. Imagine my surprise at discovering 17 year olds needed to be accompanied by a parent or guardian:

Online Dating

Must be punishment, I figured, for invoking the word “bitch” (to flag the sexist undertones of an argument, not to endorse the concept). But no. Apparently, the three offending words that did me in were “gay” “lesbian” and “Dick” (as in Cheney). My friend Zach’s unsurprisingly-revived blog, where he borrows liberally from Dick Cheney’s vocabulary, scores a PG.

Warms the heart to think that students with content blockers installed in libraries across America are being protected from being corrupted by my ramblings about the portrayal of class on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Meanwhile my Dad’s blog, Dangerous Ideas, rates a PG because he uses the word “dangerous” too much. Go figure.


2 thoughts on “THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

  1. i guess they didn’t notiuce the part about the acting vice president of pure fucking evil. fools.

  2. Also, Nerds On Strike got a PG for using the word “pain” once. Somewhere in fundamentalist-land, Kirk Cameron is mighty indignant.

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