Yale President, self-styled pragmatic Democrat, and Thomas Friedman-inspired global citizen Richard Levin is reportedly on the short list to replace Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank.

It’s times like these you wish Zach would arise from his self-imposed blog hibernation. History suggests it’s only a matter of time…


4 thoughts on “THUS SPAKE ZACH

  1. This is fascinating, but not surprising for anyone who ever read this speech. The line between the neoliberal university and the tiny carrot/big stick engine of neoliberal governance is particularly then when talking about someplace as integrated into imperial technologies of late-capitalist accumulation as Yale’s administration has been with Levin at its helm. Also, i’m noting this in a pepr i’m working on…

  2. This is more trivial, but I’m more interested in the Dick Brodhead returns to Yale as Levin’s replacement hypothetical.


  3. Well, it’s Zoellick anyway. And I’d be surprised if Yale’s next president came from the humanities, unless the corporation thinks Brodhead has the fundraising ability and technocratic savvy to replace someone like Levin. And it always seemed to me like the Brodhead worship came primarily from awestruck undergraduates.

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