Sorry for the (even longer than usual) absence from this site. Spent last weekend on the West Coast for the much-awaited GeorgeFelstiner wedding (officiated by Doonesburry’s Father Scotty), then made it back to New Haven in time to march with about a hundred students, clergy, and community allies from President Levin’s office to the Financial Aid Office. Then yesterday I came home to the Main Line for a SNAP fundraiser with Lois Murphy, who’s even more impressive in person (you can read my account over at SNAPnotes; you can donate to SNAP here).

Tonight I’m off to spend a week in Spain, where if there’s any blogging, it’ll be intermittent (though perhaps not much more so than has become the norm in LWB’s post-blockquote era). But Dad, if you’re desperate for a fix, TPMMuckraker, the latest addition to the Talking Points Memo family, should be launching sometime next week, with several dossiers I put together on the particular kinds of sketchiness manifested by particular sketchy people. It’ll be here.


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