to this site’s Daily Unique Visitor number 20,000 (that’s the sum of each day’s total separate visitors, so it’s something between 20,000 hits and 20,000 discrete people visiting the site). Hope you like it.

Speaking of visitors, I guess it’s too much to hope that it was actually Farallon Chief Thomas Steyer himself who got here a few hits earlier than that by googling “Thomas Steyer legal problem.” Hope you’re still “work[ing] vigorously to protect [y]our reputations,” though I’d say your hopes “that this issue will quiet down” may have been misplaced.

Whoever came recently looking for “casual teachers lower pay,” well, you said it. That’s why more and more, they’re organizing to do something about it.

The folks who still keep coming here looking for “busty Latinos” I’m going to guess are confused about the rules for gendering nouns in Spanish, though that’s not a crime like, say, that at least one frequent visitor-via-google seems to be looking to commit with someone underage in Maryland. As for whoever’s looking for “busty porn star,” that post is here, though it’s actually about instant run-off voting.

So yeah, it’s probably better not to know how many of those 20,000 actually came for the, um, political content. But traffic is always nice.

By the way, a few of you who came looking for something other than busty Latinos or Latinas may have noticed a shift in format/ content the past couple weeks. First, I added titles, because everybody else was doing it. And second, I’ve been trying to follow the pretty much unanimous criticism from the two or three people who actually care and cut down on the quantity of block-quote-heavy clippings in favor of more of my own rants (be careful what you wish for). How’s that been so far?


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