The campaign against Iraqi trade unionists continues:

Another Iraqi trade unionist kidnapped: MOAID HAMED (General Secretary, IFTU Mosul Branch). The Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU) reports that Mr. Moaid Hamed, General Secretary of the IFTU Mosul Branch, has been kidnapped on 11 February 2005 in Mosul. On 11 February 2005, Mr Moaid Hamed was leaving his home in Mosul on union business when gunmen attacked him and kidnapped him, taking him to an unknown location. In a previous incident, terrorists and Saddam’s loyalists working together had kidnapped Saady Edan, the president of the IFTU in Mosul on 26 January and held him prisoner for a week in a unknown location where he was tortured severely and before his release on 1 February 2005 was told to stop working and organizing for the IFTU otherwise he would be killed next. The IFTU office in Mosul received many threats and intimidation from forces loyal to Saddam and his yellow union the discredited GFTU. The IFTU media and information office calls upon the international labour movement to demand the immediate release of Mr Moaid Hamed.

These folks continue to face difficult challenges on all sides.

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