A better staff editorial from the YDN:

According to a 2002 report in the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, Yale had the lowest percentage of black tenured professors in the entire Ivy League. (That fact is more distressing given that even at the top-ranked school, Columbia, only 4.3 percent of tenured professors were black.) Likewise, when it comes to the sciences, women are sharply underrepresented, as well. The result is that Yale’s undergraduates suffer, taught by a faculty that is increasingly irreflective of the diversity of the student body…Facing criticism about diversity on its faculty, the University has pursued some worthwhile steps, but often without the urgency or the boldness that suggests the University sees this as a major problem. Now, Yale must convince the University community, along with prospective hires, that this rhetoric is more than lip service intended to defend against public protest. While maintaining its commitment to attracting the best academic talent, Yale must intensify its efforts to recruit throughout the world for underrepresented minorities who are at the top of their fields.

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