Just remember – they were for shredding ethics standards before they were against it:

GOP leaders stressed that they didn’t want the ethics issue to sidetrack their greater legislative goals, which include lawsuit and immigration reforms as well as the president’s advocacy of allowing people to put part of their Social Security taxes into private investments. “It would have been the right thing to do, but it was becoming a distraction,” said John Feehery, spokesman for Hastert, R-Ill. Feehery was referring to a proposed relaxation in ethics rules — including one that would have made it more difficult to rebuke members whose misconduct didn’t reach the level of specific rule or law violations….The proposals would make it harder to proceed with an ethics investigation by requiring a majority vote of the evenly divided ethics committee. The current system allows an investigation to begin automatically if there is no action within 45 days. At least one prominent Republican, outgoing ethics committee chairman Joel Hefley, R-Col., voiced concerns about the rules changes because “ethics reform must be bipartisan and this package is not bipartisan.”

…First DeLay asked Republicans to overturn the party rule, enacted last November on his behalf, that allows party heads to retain their posts even if indicted. Three of DeLay’s Texas associates have been indicted by a grand jury in Austin on fund-raising violation charges. DeLay’s spokesman, Jonathan Grella, said DeLay was confident that he would not be indicted, and decided to seek the elimination of the rule protecting him because he didn’t want to give Democrats an issue.


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