The YDN reports on our hundreds-stong “Don’t Mourn – Organize” gathering on Friday:

Informally known as the “Anti-Bush Bazaar,” the gathering featured ideas to channel post-election depression and a “Don’t Mourn, Organize” board that, by the hour-long event’s end, was covered with meeting dates, emotional notes and calls to action. About 15 conservative counter-protestors carrying Bush-Cheney signs joined them to “show that it was by the will of the people that Bush was elected president,” said Robert Chung ’06, leader of the now-disbanded Students For Bush. Julia Gonzales ’05, one of the organizers, said the event’s coordinators were stunned by the turnout, since the rally was the product of 10 activists informally meeting and deciding to bombard progressive e-mail lists for the 36 hours before the rally. The emotional current of the event ranged from exhausted — Helena Herring ’07, the event’s unofficial master of ceremonies, and many of the other students had spent their summers and spare time campaigning for Kerry — to angry to apprehensive. “It was great to see everyone coming together even though they supported different causes,” Nick Seaver ’07, chairman of the Yale college chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, said. “This was a great outlet for all the negative energy we had.”

The energy and the urgency there were tremendous. The challenge now is chanelling it all into concerted action.


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