Spent two long, energizing days here in Philly so far preparing and organizing canvasses of voters, calling new voters, making maps for E-Day and such. Three more to go. Everywhere energy is high. Philadelphia’s new registrations are overwhelmingly Democratic – no surprise, given the edge we have in Philadelphia, and among new voters – but, well, very overwhelmingly so. So are the sentiments of the folks we;ve run into all around the city. Of course, turnout is the name of the game. At least if you’re a Democrat. If you’re a Republican, it seems to be whatever the opposite of turnout is – turn in, perhaps? The reports are already coming in of nasty tactics to stop more of our folks from voting because, it seems, they can’t find any more of theirs to. So if you see, say, a sign in a low-income neighborhood saying your polling place has been changed, be skeptical. Or better yet, check it out and then call a lawyer.


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