Welcome to Oz:

In 2000, [pollster John] Zogby took a novel approach to predicting the race between Mr George W. Bush and former vice-president Al Gore. He asked voters to make a choice: ‘You live in the Land of Oz, and the candidates are either Tin Man, with all brains and no heart, or the Scarecrow, who is with all heart and no brains.’ The score – 46.2 per cent to the Scarecrow (seen to depict Mr Bush) and 46.2 per cent to the Tin Man (Mr Gore). In an interview with The Sunday Times, Mr Zogby sees the Tin Man-versus-Scarecrow model as still relevant in the present race, with Mr Bush now facing a new Tin Man in the form of Senator John Kerry…Going by the Tin Man/Scarecrow contest, Mr Kerry is ahead by 9 percentage points.


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