LaNitra Walker reports from South Africa on the kind of sex ed social conservatives have made impossible in this country:

From bubble gum wrappers to clothing and cartoons, South African culture is inundated with red ribbons and images of condoms. When you drive into Cape Town you pass dozens of colorful street murals depicting condoms in a multitude of colors with slogans such as “Condoms make it safer” or “Choose Life.” Despite their kitschy aspects, the messages are moving and affecting — and a constant reminder of how widespread the problem of AIDS is. Classroom discussions about the “two Ps” — prevention and protection — are now as important as the “ABCs” in preparing students to function in South African society. And to support parents’ and educators’ efforts to integrate AIDS awareness into the school curriculum, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)’s education division has created youth programs that confront the cultural effects of HIV/AIDS in different communities. It’s a tough assignment.

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