Many of us have been arguing for a while now that the Democrats need a Contract With America – a statement of a bold, succinct, alternative agenda and a clear plan should voters entrust them with their votes. Looks like the Democrats agree:

…tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. the House Democrats are going to unveil a big splashy new position package, along the lines of the old GOP revolutionaries’ Contract With America (only, you know, without all the horrible ideas). I heard that the Dems were originally thinking about actually calling this thing the Democratic Contract With America, but they appear to have thought better of the idea and are now calling it the New Partnership for America’s Future. This, just like Newt Gingrich’s old Contract, seems primarily to be a marketing gimmick, but here’s why you might want to get excited about it: The Dems who’ve been working on this for months are apparently very, very interested in improving the party’s effectiveness in framing issues and packaging positions in ways that resonate with voters. They’ve studied a lot of what Republicans have done over the last two decades and are making a conscious initial effort here to present a coherent, simple, bold agenda — just six points, I hear — that the caucus can get behind and promote and try to hammer into voters’ minds (it’s also a handy platform for congressional candidates to run on in November, just as Gingrich’s army of GOP freshmen did with the Contract in 1994).


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