Interesting how allegations of corruption in Philly get more attention when Democrats are involved, as supposed to Republicans like these:

Employees of the Republican-controlled Philadelphia Parking Authority said they were told by their superiors to contribute to the GOP, or risk losing their jobs, a newspaper reported. Five employees said they were pressured on the job to contribute $275 per year, the Philadelphia Daily News reported for Tuesday editions. Campaign finance records show dozens of $100 contributions this year from workers making $25,000 or less. State law forbids demanding political contributions from public employees or contractors. “It’s extortion,” said Michael J. Vecchione, who was hired two years ago to work in the authority’s impoundment lots. The four other employees spoke to the Daily News on condition of anonymity. Vecchione, 38, said he had been on the job about a month when his supervisor asked him to buy a $100 ticket to the Republican City Committee’s fall dinner.


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