Americans continue to disrupt and dissent from the stage-managed message of the convention:

Inside Madison Square Garden, on the convention floor, a dozen AIDS activists rose from amid the ranks of Republican youths this morning and blew whistles and chanted “Bush kills!” during remarks by the White House chief of staff, Andrew Card. A scuffle then broke out between the protesters and participants, and security officials removed the demonstrators, arresting 10 on charges that included assault and disorderly conduct, the police said. Officials said a camerman was injured, without offering further detail.

Away from the convention hall, thousands of demonstrators stood silently along the sidewalk in a column that stretched for miles to protest what they called the high rate of joblessness during the term of President Bush. Holding up pink slips of paper symbolizing job terminations, the line of demonstrators went from Wall Street, in downtown Manhattan, north about three miles to the Midtown area where the Republican National Convention is being held in Madison Square Garden. “The Next Pink Slip Might Be Yours!” the fliers read. “I’ve been unemployed before,” Gary Goff, 57, a data processor, told an Associated Press reporter. “I’m concerned that unemployment is going up so drastically under the Bush administration. I think Bush is a disaster for working people.”

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