Another reason to like John Edwards:

Tom Donohue, head of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, has made a public vow: If John Edwards is chosen as John Kerry’s running mate, the chamber will abandon its traditional stance of neutrality in the presidential race and work feverishly to defeat the Democratic ticket. “We’d get the best people and the greatest assets we can rally” to the cause, he says.

Other business leaders in Washington have been less public and less precise, but no less passionate. Reviewing the candidates in the Democratic primaries earlier this year, a Fortune 100 chief executive who is active in Washington told me that Mr. Edwards, the North Carolina senator, “is the one we fear the most” — more than John Kerry, more than Dick Gephardt, more than Howard

Of course, Tom “Why aren’t we outsourcing faster?” Donahue’s claim of the Chamber’s traditional neutrality is about as accurate as Rupert Murdoch’s announcement of the Vice-Presidential nominee. But it easy to believe that, as the article goes on to argue, the combination of policy concerns and visceral fear of trial lawyers makes many in the overclass particularly anxious. Especially those who’ve devoted their careers to arguing, in the face of all evidence, that rare, captivating narratives like Edwards’ – rather than those of Bush or Cheney – represent the majority of the uber-wealthy. Whereas Edwards best reconciliation of his childhood poverty and his wealth was this:

The answer is … the answer is, the life that I have lived is the dream that’s being shut off for so many Americans every single day. I was brought home … I was brought home to a mill village in Seneca, South Carolina, to a little two-room house. My father had to borrow the money to get me out of the hospital. I grew up, from the time I was very young, the same way that most people grow up in this country. Working hard, working hard trying to build a better life for myself, for my own family. And you’re right, I’ve done very well – but the problem is, the problem is – most Americans, including all these folks up here, and most of these folks in the audience – they are not doing fine. George Bush is taking very good care of people who are doing well. The problem is he’s shutting off opportunity from all those people who are struggling every single day. I’ll tell you, I’ll say this to every, single, person in the audience. I grew up the way you grew up, I come from the same …I grew up the way you grew up, I come from the same place, I spent twenty years in courtrooms fighting for you, against big Corporate America, against big insurance companies…I will never forget where I come from and you can take that to the bank.

That’s a start.

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