Last week on Andrew Sullivan’s website, which conservative author and activist Christina Hoff Summers described as the best for college conservative activists out there, he expressly unendorsed President Bush:

My only dilemma now is whether to support Kerry or sit this one out. It still is.

This was, as he notes, only a restatement of a decision he had expressed in this article in the May issue of The Advocate:

…But raising the issue to the level of a constitutional amendment is not something anyone can or should live with. It’s writing gay people out of their own country. It’s the political equivalent of domestic violence. Once that happens you’re a fool to stay in the relationship. You’re asking for more abuse. You’re enabling a movement that seeks to destroy you.

…My principles haven’t changed. Nor will they anytime soon. But when a president allies himself with forces that really do want to keep gay people in jail, therapy, or the closet, it’s time to break off. The deal is broken. And no amount of rationalization can make it whole again.


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