The Daily Mislead calls Bush on his cynical manipulation of the symbolism of the 9/11 firefighters and cops and his cruel refusal to protect their health:

While the President’s very first campaign commercial used photos of coffin draped corpses4 being pulled from the rubble, the White House has sought to hide evidence that Ground Zero firefighters and cops were exposed to hazardous toxins. Specifically, the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) intervened to doctor EPA press releases that were supposed to warn the public about toxins near Ground Zero. The press releases were modified to claim that the air was safe – despite the fact that there was not adequate scientific evidence to substantiate that claim. The CEQ was headed by James Connaughton, a former asbestos industry lawyer who represented companies in toxic pollution cases. When Ground Zero firefighters and cops began getting sick, the White House tried to block $90 million in funding for medical treatment. When Congress forced the Administration to accept the $90 million, the Administration then delayed the money and threatened to shut down the health-screening program. Even today, the New York Police Department has been denied much needed health grants.


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