Dennis Hastert made news yesterday questioning whether John McCain was a Republican. Republican and Democratic commentators alike would do well to remember, before the former get too indignant and the latter do too much gloating, how conservative John McCain actually is.  He’s vehemently anti-union, anti-choice, and pro-war.  What McCain is is a traditional conservative who, to his credit, is more ideological than partisan, which sets him apart from any number of Senators on both sides of the aisle.  McCain’s increasingly apparent disgust with the Bush Administration is an indication of Bush’s lack of fidelity to the American conservative tradition in favor of an even more dangerous radicalism, not a demonstration of McCain’s liberalism.  He’s not our Zell Miller – Zell has simply become an opportunistic conservative who gets more airtime as a Democrat.  He is also, emphatically, not the man to fill out John Kerry’s Presidential Ticket.


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