Wal-Mart Watch: Check out their latest project:

American cinephiles will soon be able to enjoy their movies without sex, violence, swearing – indeed, without any of the interesting bits. Wal-Mart, the country’s mightiest retailer, is preparing to ship a $79 DVD player that automatically strips out potentially offensive content.

The gadget, made by French-owned RCA, aims to tap into mounting concern in the US about media standards. But the self-censoring technology has run into protests from Hollywood.

…Many firms provide bowdlerised versions – not always legally – of Hollywood films, but Clearplay operates at a higher level of sophistication. Clearplay scans movies for dodgy content, and then programs that data into its system. Subscribers can then watch standard copies of the 500-or-so films on its list, with the assurance that they will automatically skip over mute anything that children or the squeamish may not like.

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