The Washington Post spills an obscene amount of ink on the worst-kept secret of the Presidential race:

Some critics say Bones produces elitist leaders who are myopic on America’s social and economic challenges. Others argue that for presidential candidates to profess loyalty to a secret society — particularly one that for a time didn’t admit minorities and women — is contrary to democratic principles.

Chicago writer and educator Steve Sewall, son of revered Yale English professor Richard B. Sewall, has even called for Bush and Kerry to resign from Skull and Bones. “They can be loyal to it, but they can’t place that loyalty above the loyalty to the nation they serve,” he argues.

“It is really by definition an extremely exclusive club for the wealthy and connected,” says Bill Minutaglio, a Texas journalist and author of “First Son: George W. Bush and the Bush Family Dynasty.” “Put all that together and suddenly, in the year 2004, realize the two men who are running for the most important office on the planet Earth come out of that exact same mausoleum, and it should give you pause and reason to think about what it means to be privileged, enabled and protected in the United States.”

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