NewAlliance Bancshares update: Lots of folks continue to reach this site searching for “NewAlliance Bancshares “. While I’d like to believe that they’re all searching for NewAlliance Bancshares to find out more about how those NewAlliance Bancshares represent a killing for a wealthy elite in Connecticut and beyond, and how the community has continued to resist the bank-to-be-known-as-NewAlliance‘s end-run around a depositor’s vote and launched a boycott against NewAlliance, initiated by CCNE and joined last week by ECCO. But it occurs to me that some internet denizens of means , having heard of the killing to be made on NewAlliance Bancshares , are gunning to find out how they can get their hands on some NewAlliance Bancshares of their own. For that reason, I urge others to create some NewAlliance Bancshares links of their own to draw some of the googling attention of those seeking NewAlliance Bancshares to the dark side of those NewAlliance Bancshares and to the boycott they should be supporting.


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