The situation in Haiti continues to deteriorate:

Human Rights Watch urged the international community to send a peacekeeping force to Haiti to avert violent retaliation against supporters of President Aristide in the capital. ‘Given the horrendous human rights records of some of the leaders of the armed rebellion, we are extremely concerned,’ said Joanne Mariner, deputy director of the group’s Americas Division.

The United Nations World Food Program, which lost a warehouse of food to looters in Cap Haitien on Sunday, warned that food shortages were inevitable if the situation continued to deteriorate. The program now supplies 373,000 Haitians.

Nathan Newman argues that Haiti is everything that Iraq wasn’t:

So you have Republican Senators warning of a bloodbath endangering tens of thousands of Americans, human rights groups warning of mass murder of the population, and the head of the Haitian government welcoming intervention. And Bush has done nothing but increase the problem by fanning anti-Aristide mobilization of opposition forces…

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