Wisconsin’s Governor says Kerry’s is leading the primary – on trade and healthcare:

‘This idea that Democrats are voting in some strategic way’ for the one they regard as a winner — ‘I don’t think voters think that way,’ Doyle said. Instead, he said, the program Kerry has outlined ‘to keep all our jobs from going to China is really compelling’ in a state that has lost almost 100,000 manufacturing jobs in the past three years. Health care is another issue on which voters are basing their decisions, Doyle said, adding that Kerry also has ‘a very compelling personal story’ starting with his Vietnam War service. ‘People of Wisconsin didn’t really know his history before now.’


Dean…has announced that he plans to go back to his Burlington, Vt., home after Tuesday and consider his next move. He has backed away from his earlier statement that Wisconsin was a make-or-break state for him, but he clearly plans to reassess whether to continue in the very expensive and demanding Super Tuesday competition of March 2, when 10 states, including such giants as California, New York and Ohio cast ballots…

Edwards, whose only victory has come in his native South Carolina, has diverted twice from Wisconsin to California this week to raise money for his cash-strapped campaign. He completed his second roundtrip in time to appear in Madison on Saturday afternoon and here Saturday night. But his advisers are reportedly divided on whether he should continue unless he dramatically closes the gap on Kerry in the next three days.

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