The Wonkette translates Peggy Noonan’s attempt to determine whether, in the shadow of Janet Jackson’s breast, “our culture has gone iredeemably to pot” or whether “we can jump for our lives…” Zach’s already posted my five words on the subject; I do wish that someone could explain to me the causal relationship between a person – of whatever age – seeing a mostly exposed breast – much like the ones most of them depended on for food for a good while – and any set of unsanctioned behaviors, actions, or attitudes of the sort that make Peggy Noonan want to leap out of a boiling pot of water. I think it’s very easy to hone in on how comparatively explicit different images are and avoid a conversation of how comparatively problematic their messages are. Even if I believed in censorship, I’d rather ban DeBeers Diamond Ads than Janet Jackson’s mammary.


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