Looks like Wesley Clark is now pitching himself as part-Kerry, part-Dean, part-Edwards:

Clark repeated many familiar themes at a small rally at the National Hispanic Cultural Center of New Mexico in Albuquerque. He touted himself as a Washington outsider who can prevail in what he predicted will be a ‘tough, dirty campaign’ against the Republicans in the fall.

‘They want to make it personal — bring it on!’ he said. ‘I’m prepared to make it personal.’ He said it would take a ‘tough hombre’ to beat Bush in November, and ‘I’m one tough hombre.’

‘You need a Democrat who can call him out for what he is,’ Clark told supporters. ‘I’m a vet. I’ve taken enemy fire, but more than that I was a leader. I’m the best person in the race to hold George W. Bush accountable on national security.’ “

I’m guessing it doesn’t pan out so well.

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