This article, in today’s Yale Daily News, may represent a new low for the paper. The only “story” here is a couple dining hall managers expressing discontent with dining hall workers and casting aspersions on their backgrounds. The quotes from students, and the tone of the article, echo all the worst images associated with the Ivy League:

Jeremy Watford ’06, who works in the Jonathan Edwards College dining hall, said he thinks the “convoluted” disciplinary system makes it difficult for managers to correct outbursts, rudeness and even unproductive behavior…

Watford, who worked as a manager at a McDonald’s restaurant for one year, said he was “jaw-dropping” at employees’ “talking back” to the manager during the first few weeks after beginning his job in the dining hall. “Such behavior would get you fired at any other [restaurant],” Watford said.

Yale undergraduates appalled at the lack of respect paid them by lack of deference and weak labor ethic of the working class New Haveners their school pays them to oversee preparing food for Yalies. And wishing that Yale were as effective as McDonalds at quelling worker militancy and squeezing more productivity out of the help.

No workers are interviewed for this article except to inform on other workers, no students are interviewed who don’t work in the dining halls, and no union representative has the chance to explain their policy or their struggle, or to contest the underlying current of this piece: that the people who prepare and serve your food are dangerous invaders in the ivory tower.


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