As DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton recently observed:

Not content with denying D.C. residents congressional voting rights, Congress has gone out of its way to silence us by placing a rider in the D.C. appropriation that keeps residents from lobbying Congress or country for their rights,” she wrote. This insult added to injury should be enough to send residents to the polls to vote on Tuesday in a primary whose purpose is to tell the country what most Americans do not know, according to opinion polls: that Congress denies voting rights to the citizens of its own capital.

The New York Times is more dismissive of the primary:

This is, alas, a nonbinding beauty contest.

But it relates the case for representation in simple and inarguable terms:

While Wyoming, population 494,000, has one representative and two senators, Washington, population 571,000, has none.

One wonders whether those half a million people would have gone without a vote for so many years if more of them were White.

FirstPrimaryBlog has the latest on tomorrow’s primary, including guest statements from Kucinich, Lieberman, and Sharpton in support of, respectively, statehood, congressional representation, and one or the other.

Five of the candidates – including Lieberman – made the shameful decision to withdraw from D.C.’s primary, leaving Dean, Sharpton, Kucinich, and Mosely-Braun. My prediction is Dean comes in first, Sharpton second.


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