From the AP:

About 100 Yale University graduate students and hospital workers were arrested Wednesday night on charges of disorderly conduct as they protested what they said are inadequate wages and benefits for women. In a gathering that drew about 200 protesters, activists accused the university of failing to provide affordable child care or health care and said maternity leave policies are weak.

“I may eventually decide to go into grad school and it’s really hard to raise a family there,” said Helena Herring, an 18-year-old Yale freshman. “A lot of people here are on welfare. That is insane. That is not acceptable.”

…Jenny Carrillo, 30, who is a graduate student, said she has two children who are in the HUSKY program. “The graduate school neglects to provide for my family,” she said. “The state should use the money that I’m getting for failing schools in Connecticut.”

…Barbara Ehrenreich, author of the book “Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America,” gave a speech at the rally and was later one of those arrested. “What really is at issue here is whether Yale can be an educational institution with a free conscience,” she said.

Fourteen Yale undergraduates were among the hundred-plus women arrested tonight in the shape of an ankh – and they had all the strongest chants.


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