Matthew Yglesias reconsiders his original guarded support for War in Iraq:

…I reasoned, they wouldn’t be so eager to do this unless they had a good plan for avoiding the mess. I was never so naive as to believe the promises of democracy, but creating something that was neither a mess, nor Saddam Hussein, would still be an improvement. That’s what I thought…

… As I watched the administration publicly downplay the difficulty of handling the postwar situation and the scope of the commitment, I just assumed they were just trying to mislead people à la Clinton and Balkans peacekeeping. I wasn’t even sure how much I disapproved of this policy of misleading. But it’s turned out that they weren’t lying at all — they really believed this bizarre INC fairy tale and didn’t do any real backup planning. They fired many of the people who had the situation correctly figured out and ignored the rest. It’s shocking. I mean no one who’d looked at it seriously thought this stuff was right. At any rate, go read the whole story about the administration’s pathetic Plan A for postwar Iraq. It’s just bizarre.

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