The YDN Editorial Board wrote another somewhat pretentious, somewhat convoluted, somewhat inane staff editorial today, this one predicated on the idea that over the past year, Yale has suddenly become a household name:

Television viewers who feel they “know” Yale through sound bites and snapshots projected on their screens may never take a closer look at the true Yale. For years, Yale has established itself as a silent doer, quietly pursuing its mission of providing a world-class education without being wooed by tempting offers of mass market exposure. Becoming a media darling may make it seem like we’re more flash than substance, and is likely to widen the gap between external and internal perceptions of the University.

One difference in internal and external perception of the University may be that only at Yale are there people who perceive Yale as a “silent doer” uninterested in advancing its own reputation or competing for the spotlight, untouched by the concerns of the market…


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