The polls open for the New Haven Aldermanic elections in another ten hours. As I’ve noted here before, Ward One, where I and the majority of Yale undergraduates live, is made up almost entirely of students and represented by one, which provides a unique opportunity to engage with local politics. The race tomorrow pits an incumbent who’s worked to use that seat to build strong coalitions of common interest and shared vision with people and movements throughout the city against a challenger who believes that seat should be the Yale Corporation’s bulwark against the frustration of the rest of the city. Ben Healey’s built a strong record of progressive struggle and real change over the past years, advancing clean elections, living wages, environmental justice, domestic partnership, and the right to organize. That’s why Mayor John DeStefano and a diverse group of student leaders came out to stand with an enthusiastic crowd in support of Ben. And that’s why students – LWB readers included – should and will turn out tomorrow to re-elect him.


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