Yesterday thirteen of the strike-breakers Yale’s subcontracted firm had brought in joined Local 34 and 35 on strike. The comany bosses, seeing their workers begin to picket in the lot in Orange CT where they gather to be bused to Yale, called the police and pushed the rest of the workers onto the bus. The sight of the old strikers welcoming the new ones on the New Haven Green, surrounded by students and clergy, was a powerful demonstration that New Haven will continue to come together despite Yale’s short-sighted attempts to divide it – until such a time as Yale should choose to muster its power in the community to work with the mobilization for justice rather than against it.

In the afternoon, United Students Against Sweatshops leaders had a press conference here kicking off a national student campaign to support Yale workers. Well over a hundred Yale students showed up at a teach-in to hear from workers, organizers, students, and faculty about what they’re fighting for.

Today at 12 PM, several thousand workers and students from throughout the Northeast and beyond will be here gathering on the New Haven Green for a 1 PM march to call on Yale to settle just contracts now.


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